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SCR888 Tips Sharing: How I Got Rich from This Online Casino?

SCR888 Online Casino

Let’s talk about SCR888 Online Casino

You must have heard of SCR888 Online Casino before if you were a big fan of online slot games in Malaysia. As a matter of fact, SCR888 Online Casino not only covers Malaysia, but also many other South East Asia countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore. It is indeed an international online gaming brand. This helps to boost customer confidence given strong brand name across different countries. What does SCR888 Online Casino offer to players? It is very simple, just slot games only. There are no live casino games in SCR888. You might be curious now: how did it achieve such a great success without live casino games?

Other similar slot game products like SKY3888 Casino and 3Win8 Casino also offer similar kind of slot games. They have been quite successful, too. Nevertheless, SCR888 Online Casino is still the most played slot games in Malaysia for the year of 2016. In fact, the key is the winning payout. With similar slot game offerings, SCR888 tends to outperform SKY3888 and 3Win8 simply because it has adopted higher winning payout policy. The ultimate purpose of a player betting online slot games, is to win big from the games. SCR888 totally understands the importance of this then incorporate higher winning payout policy into its slot game algorithms. Of course, there are many other factors that drives to the success of SCR888 Online Casino. You may refer to our earlier post which talked about the reasons of why SCR888 slot games are so popular in Malaysia.

How I Start Playing SCR888 Online Casino?

For quite some time, I have been a loyal fan of SKY3888 Casino Malaysia. Since the official launch of SKY3888 around the beginning of 2015, I have spent more than RM50k playing this product, and the result was a total loss. I would usually make small deposits ranging from RM100 to RM300 to play SKY3888 games. You might be wondering why could I lost RM50k with such small deposit transactions. The reason could be the fact that I am a highly addictive gambler. I could not stop gambling for even an hour. The first thing I would do when I wake up in the morning, is to turn on slot game application installed in my IOS smartphone then start betting. By the way, one of the reasons I played SKY3888 and SCR888 slot games is because only these two products support IOS smartphones. Day after day, finally I lost RM50k on SKY3888 slot games within a 6-months period from the first day I start betting. I was so upset to see all my savings disappear from my bank account. I was really depressed. I was determined to change myself.

After a few months, I happened to get in touch with Ministry of Gambling as referred by some of my close friends. I was seriously in need for therapy in relation to gambling issue. After having long talk with some professional consultants, I felt so released. They taught me to learn discipline myself before gambling again. Then I followed their guidelines and re-structure my personality. That was the time I start playing SCR888 online casino. One of my friends told me that SCR888 slot games are easy to win. Subsequently, I started engaging with one of the approved casino agents for SCR888 Online Casino. Firstly, I only made a small deposit of RM30 to this agent, as I was so afraid of losing big again. Luckily, I managed to win until RM100 in my account balance. I requested for a cash withdrawal. Surprisingly their speed of transaction was totally beyond my expectation. I got RM100 deposited into my personal bank account after 3 minutes. This is how I gained back my confidence in online gambling again.

RM30k SCR888 Major Jackpots

In the following months, I spent about average 2 hours a day on SCR888 Online Casino, just for entertainment purpose. The result was pretty good. I had gained net profit of about RM2k within 2 months’ time. After that I started to increase my bet amount with higher deposit of RM50 to RM100 per transaction. Along the way, I have observed that Thai Paradise could be the easiest-to-win slot games amongst all SCR888 games. I have been playing Thai Paradise slot games for the past half a year until last week, a miracle finally fell on me. I stroke the major jackpots in Thai Paradise!

At first, I was pretty skeptical about what I saw because I have never seen so much cash balance inside my SCR888 account. What, it was RM30k! After several minutes of time only I realised I have really won that much of money. I quickly requested for cash withdrawal from my agent, then the relevant amount of money was transferred to my personal bank account after 5 minutes. This is indeed the most amazing moment in my life. In fact, I am just a foreman from a car workshop with a monthly basic salary of RM3k. The winning amount of RM30k is considered 10 times of my monthly income.

Sharing from Personal Experience

 Having tried the SCR888 Online Casino and SKY3888 Casino Malaysia, I would say it is much easier to win from SCR888 slot games. All of us wish to get rich from online slot games. This is why we spend thousands and hours into the games. Based on my personal experience, you must be able to discipline yourself before conducting any online gambling activity. Secondly, play the product with the highest winning payout if you want to win big. Do not chase after losing, because that might drive you to lose all your money in bank account. It is advisable for you to take a step back after losing much, think about what is your next course of action to recoup the losses. Another important tip is that, do not ever engage with underground money lender for personal loans. This would probably create heavy pressure on your mental condition, thus affecting the quality of online gambling. By the way, I am just writing this post to share about my personal experience on playing SCR888 Online Casino and SKY3888 Casino games. There are still countless of online betting products out there, which could probably suit you more as everyone has different betting preferences and strategies. More importantly, you should really enjoy the betting process throughout the games. Good luck to everyone and wish you all win big from any online casino games!

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