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The Roulette is the most famous Casino Table Game ever. It may allow the winner to win up to 36 winning odds by placing 1 wager. All of the casinos are included the Roulette as one of their main casino games.

Normally, the land casino will include more than 10 of the Roulette tables from the small size of the land casino. What if the big size of the casino? Sure it will be more tables included in their studio.

The game is played to predict the numbers out of 36 numbers that will come out for the round. It doesn’t have any rules for the betting limitation. The players able to place as much as they like. Or use a chip to bet two circles or four circles are allowed.

Besides, that’s others side betting available for the players. Like the Red or Black, Odd or Even, and others. This allows the player to win more from the game.