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SCR888 (918Kiss) Slot: Cherry Love Slot Game

Cherry Love

Cherry Love Review

Cherry Love slot game is another wildly famous slot game by Playtech. The game revolve around the love theme and is generally cater more towards the male players. A single look into the game will even result in fatal attraction towards it. The main character of this slot game which is ‘The Girl’ has a heart with dagger going through the tattoo on her shoulder. The tattoo has made the girl seem more overpowering rather than welcoming.

Rewarding Symbols

There are many rewarding symbols in the slot game which casino players can profit from. Some of the common symbols that you find in the game would include Red Rose, Heart with Dagger, Ring, Cherry Love Key Chain and Cherry Love Lighter. Apart from these symbols, casino players may even find high value card symbols such as the steely grey color bur crafted ornate which go well along with the theme. The Girl is the wild symbol and the Cherries are the scatter symbol in the game.

Animated Slot Game

The Cherry Love is more interesting as compare to other slot games. Casino players may find that the slot game has different audio for its background, for when the reels are spinning and for win sound. The romantic background of the game is especially catchy. The wild and scatter symbols are able to show animation. The Girl will winks and blow sweet kisses in the most realistic manner whenever wild symbols are form in your winning combination.

The wild symbol in the game is expanding wild. This would mean that the symbols will change and close up to form full length figure occupying all rows. This would make the slot game more appealing and exciting. On the other hand, the Cherries would rotate at full speed and sparkles when two or more scatter symbols appear on the reels. As for other symbols in the winning combination, they will just flash and add some excitement to the game.

Increase your Winning Odds

Casino players betting in Cherry Love are able to choose from eight denominations. These figure would include 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00 and 5.00. The slot game has 30 payline and it would be best that casino players enable all of them to get the biggest rewards. By doing so, the players would greatly increase their winning odds for the game. The winning combination will only pay when the symbols appear in the enabled paylines. Casino players may even wager up to 10 coins for each payline. High roller would usually activate 10 coins per payline for all 30 paylines by selecting the Bet Max button. This would seem risky for the beginners but had proven to be very rewarding for the high roller expert.

Expanding Wild Symbol

The expanding wild symbol would only appear on the reel 2, 3 and 4 in this slot. The Cherries scatter symbol would be offering scatter payout when two or more symbols appear anywhere on the reels. In the event whereby three or more symbol appear anywhere on the reels, a free spin round would be triggered. The players would get to enjoy 15 free spins at doubled payouts. The best feature of the free spin is when the Girl appears as an extended wild by rotation on reels 2, 3 and 4. Whenever they appear on reel 2, the payout would be much larger. Apart from that, the casino players can always re-triggered the free spins within the initial free spin feature.

Gamble Game

Another rewarding feature of cherry love is the Gamble Game of this slot game. All players would have the option of collecting the payout or further risk their payout for further rewards. Inside the gamble game, casino players would have to guess whether the color of the card drawn would be red or black. When they have guess it correctly, they would get to double their winning payout. In the event whereby they guess it wrongly, they would lose all their winning payout. All player will get to keep doubling their payout until it reach the limit of $1,500. Whenever the player win a large amount in the Gamble Game mode, the slot game will celebrate by showering gold coins on the reels while their balance gets updated.

Other Rewarding Feature

However, the Cherry Love do not have progressive jackpot. Only the Red Rose, the Heart and Dagger symbols would offer the highest fixed jackpot to the casino players. These symbols would give out rewarding payouts even when two of these symbols appear from left to right in an active payline.

By the way, you are allowing to play the Cherry Love slot game in many Casinos. They include the 918Kiss and the SCR888 Casino. However, in the suggestion, the 918Kiss Casino would be the best choice for the online gambling with the slot games. Because of the 918Kiss has a better winning chance among all of the Casino. Go ahead with the 918Kiss Cherry Love Slot Game.

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