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How to win Progressive Jackpot?

Progressive jackpot

In the early days of slot game, there are no such thing as progressive jackpot. However in early 1980’s, the progressive jackpot is only made possible when microchips were invented. The multi-site linked progressive slot machines finally got famous in March 1986 when it was introduced by slot machine manufacturer IGT.

Progressive jackpot is contributed by different machines which spread across different casinos. Therefore, the jackpots can quickly grow into a very large one. This is because the same jackpot is being fed by many different machines at the same time. In one of the cases, a casino player from Las Vegas have won over $8 million in a single win on a progressive jackpot.

How Progressive Jackpots Work

The mechanism behind the progressive jackpots are pretty straightforward. The jackpot will grow by skimming an amount of money from each and every bet. This would also mean that the payout rate on normal wins (non jackpot wins) is actually lower than any regular slots machine. In fact, the payout would actually be the same if you take progressive jackpot into the account.

For an example, a casino player is playing a linked progressive slot machine at a Las Vegas casino. Let’s say the machine would require a $5 bet per spin. The wager of the bet would be divided as follow. $0.25 will add to the progressive jackpot, $1.25 will go to the casino while the remaining $3.50 will be paid out in non-jackpot win. On the other hand, if you were playing a non-progressive slots game at the same casino, the payout would be as follow. $1.25 to the casino and $3.75 will be paid out on wins.

The example above assume that the payout rate is actually 75%. The land based casinos will typically have payout rates ranging from 70% up to 87%. This is a huge different if you compare it to the online casinos where the typical payout rates will start from 89% to as much as 99.5%!

Most online casino would typically have a payout rate of 95%. The money for a $5 per spin for the online progressive jackpot slots would actually be divided as such: $0.25 for the online casino, $0.25 added to the progressive jackpot while the remaining $4.50 will be paid out in non-jackpot winnings.

With such a high payout ratio, more and more casino players are actually playing online slot games as compare to slot machines in land casino.

Online Progressive Jackpot Games

If you have been wondering how large can the progressive jackpots at the online casino be? The answer is that they are growing all the time. One of the online casino player that we came across has actually won $1.76 million from the online jackpot. The last time we check, the exact slot game has accumulated over $3.5 million in jackpot size and the amount is still rising. Interestingly, a new record is set every time after someone win the progressive jackpot. This is exactly how rewarding the online casino jackpot is and increasing number of casino players are taking part in it.

According to past data, a new online jackpot record will be set within a space of less than a year whenever the current jackpot is won. The growing rate for online jackpot is amazing and only a couple years back the jackpot size is only $1 million. In the coming years, it is predicted that the highest jackpots will be paid out from the online casinos.

If you are interested to win a progressive jackpot online, you may try out with the 918Kiss Casino. The 918Kiss Casino is including a lot of the slot games. As most of their slots are included the progressive jackpot reward in the game.

So how do you pick a winner?

Choosing the right progressive jackpot to play with is not as complicated as you thought it might be. However, casino players need to be aware of what the progressive jackpot starts at, what is the highest payout amount and what the average payout amount is. Casino players can easily acquire these information through a number of slot game review sites across the web.

Once the jackpot in question is higher than historical average, the chances of paying out will greatly increase. Whenever it goes higher than its previous highest payout, the chances of winning it is increase again. If you are chasing after the biggest jackpots, please do not play the slot game after the jackpot has been won. In order to win the jackpot, it is best to wait until the games historical average payout has been passed.


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