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SCR888 PC Download | Play SCR888 Slot Games on PC

SCR888 PC Download

SCR888 PC Download is a way allows you to play the SCR888 games on the PC. Now, there are quite a lot of the people are seeking for the SCR888 PC Download. As the SCR888/ 918Kiss doesn’t provide the PC download version of their gaming application. Gaming with the SCR888 on the PC, it will be more comfortable than gaming on the mobile phone.

The SCR888 is the Online Casino Malaysia that available for the mobile phone and the tablet only. That’s why people are seeking for the SCR888 PC Download. With the technology today, you are allowing to gambling the SCR888 casino games on the PC. With a few steps of the action of SCR888 PC Download, then you able to start gambling on the PC.

Why Play with The PC

As mention above, SCR888 PC Download then you will be more comfortable on gambling in the house. However, you are not allowing to carry the PC for the outing. So, merely can stay in the house for the online gambling. Since Malaysia is illegal with the online gambling. It doesn’t the matter, as the online gambling becomes the privacy in Malaysia.

How to Complete the SCR888 PC Download

Since the SCR888 doesn’t provide the SCR888 PC download. Then you may need more times to complete the SCR888 PC download in order to gambling on the PC. The application of SCR888 PC download is similar to the SCR888 mobile gameplay. But the PC offers the bigger screen to you. On the way to completing the SCR888 PC download, it needs to install 2 applications.

Download Blue Stacks App

The first thing you should do is to find a PC. Then from the Internet browser, install the Blue Stacks application onto the PC. The Blue Stacks is a PC application that allows to install and play all of the Android mobile games. It is the latest application technology from the people, as it doesn’t merely available for the SCR888, other games as well.

In the Blue Stacks app, merely the Android Package Kit (APK) is allowed to be installed on their application. Other than that, like the iOS format file is not allowing to install on the Blue Stacks. You able to treat the Blue Stacks application like the Android phone, as both of them are similar to each other.

Download SCR888 APK

After doing the Blue Stacks installation, then download the SCR888 APK onto the PC. Next, import the SCR888 APK from the PC desktop into the Blue Stacks application. Before start gaming, you need to install the SCR888 APK through the Blue Stacks in order to make the app within the Blue Stacks app. Then only able to online gambling from the PC. Here, you are completely the SCR888 PC download.

Besides that, in order to download the SCR888 APK, it is available on their Home Page. It is the download site for the SCR888 casino. On the download site, there are two different format files are served. One is the SCR888 APK and another one is the SCR888 iOS. Both of them are installing into the different kinds of device. For the SCR888 PC download, then go for the SCR888 APK.

Play the Famous SCR888 Slot Games

Once has complete everything of the SCR888 PC download. Then it is time to spin with their popular slot games to win the money. In fact, the SCR888 casino is offering the highest winning rate among all of the casinos Malaysia. This is the reason to attract many people come for the SCR888 gaming, especially the slot games.

Panther Moon Slot Game

In the SCR888 slot games, they are having more than 60 slots in the application. The Panther Moon slot is one of them. Panther Moon slot game is including 15 lines with the jungle theme. With the black panther as the main character of the slot, it leads you to win the money easier and rapidly.

The Panther Moon slot game is offering the great bonus game to you. Once the screen appears three or more scatter symbols, they will award 15 free games with the x3 multiplier to you. Besides, the game can re-trigger when three or more scatters occur again.

Paydirt Slot Game

It is time to dig the gold from the SCR888 casino. With the SCR888 Paydirt slot game, you are allowing to dig the gold from the dirt. It is an amazing slot game that includes 30 lines and the traditional digging theme. Besides, the Paydirt slot is including the progressive jackpot that allows you to win more than 3 thousand value reward.

On the other hand, they are including 2 bonus games – Gold Rush and Gold Fever. The Gold Rush is awarding 12 free games during which group Gold Nuggets appear on any reel. Any 3 or more “Paydirt” signs appear during the free game, extra 12 free games will be awarded. The Gold Fever is awarding 5 free games during the reel 3 is made up entirely of Gold Nuggets. Any 3 or more “Paydirt” signs occur during these free games, extra 5 free games will be awarded again.

Irish Luck Slot Game

Try to get the luck from the Irish Luck slot game to win more money from the gambling. The Irish have a culture to bring the luck to the people by using the four-leaf clover. In the reality, it is hard to find the four leaf clover. Normally, we can find the 3 leaf clover everywhere. Spin with the Irish Luck to win the money.

The Irish Luck slot game is awarding the bonus game to you as well. When the screen appears 3 or more scatter symbols, then you are awarding with 8 free games and x2 multiplier. After that, you have the chance to win up to 33 free games or x15 multiplier. Before the game start, you will need to pick 2 out of 5 money pots to win the awards.


SCR888 PC Download is the best option for the online gambling. The mobile gaming is too costly with the battery life nowadays, try to download the SCR888 casino on the PC for the better online gambling environment.

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