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New Roulette Betting Strategy That Work


Developing a good Roulette strategy requires one to have a great time on the Roulette table without distractions. The best way a player can get a peaceful Roulette playing time without distractions is by playing it in an online casino. They will have the Roulette table to themselves and enjoy the freedom that one gets when playing online. Provided below is a perfect strategy that one can use on an online Roulette table. The Roulette strategy has been proven to be efficient, and it is not complicated for a beginner. The best place to develop and practice the Roulette strategy is by playing at an online casino.

Step one: Purchase of chips

The first step begins with purchasing one stack of chips. The chips should then be broken into five stacks of four chips each. The player then needs to place all the five stacks on different six-line bets. To maximize the chances of winning, the player should ensure that the bets do not overlap each other. One bet covers six numbers, and the next bet should not include the same number as another bet. If the player wins, they get 20 chips (4 x 5) including the winning bet to sum up to a total of 24 chips.

Step two: Breaking down the chips

The 24 chips should be broken down in half to get 12 chips. One of the stacks containing 12 chips should be placed on one of the dozens and the remaining stack on another. Through this, the player will have two out of three dozen’s covered. When the ball lands in any of the dozens, the player win 2-1 on the bet placed. That will pay the player 24 chips in addition to another 12 from the winning bet totalling up to 36 chips.

Step three: Six stacks of chips

The 36 chips should now be broken down into six stacks of six chips each. It is impossible to break the chips down into stacks while playing online but one can still place six bets of six chips. The task involves covering six corner bets using the six chip stacks. They should be spread out as much as possible, and no numbers should be doubled. Hitting a winner wins one 48 chips (6 x 8) totalling up the chips to 54.

Step four: Nine stacks of chips

The 54 chips should now be broken down into nine stacks of six chips. They should then be placed on any nine of the twelve potential street bets. Through this Roulette strategy step, the player gives himself a chance of winning by covering all the main possibilities with the bets. If the player hits a winner, the bet pays out 66 chips (6 x 11) in addition to the six chips from the winning bet summing up to 72 chips.

Step five: Fifteen stacks of chips

The fifth step of the Roulette strategy requires the 72 chips to be broken down into 15 stacks of five chips each. The next bets to be covered are the splits. The bets should be placed on 14 different split bets, and one should ensure that no numbers are doubled up to cover as much of the Roulette table as possible. Two chips will be left after this step, and the two chips should be placed straight up on any of the empty numbers to act as insurance. If one hits a winning split bet, they will win a total of 85 chips (5 x 17) in addition to five chips obtained from the winning bet totaling up to 90 chips.

Step six: Twenty two stack of chips

Step six is the last step of the Roulette strategy. Now, with the 90 chips, one needs to create 22 stacks of four chips each totaling up to 88 chips. Two will be left for insurance. The 22 stacks should then be placed on any of the straight up numbers. A maximum of four chips should be put on any number without doubling. The remaining two chips should then be placed on any empty numbers. If the player hits a winning number, they will win a total of 140 chips (4 x 35) in addition to the four chips from the winning bet to give a total of 144 chips that translates to 144 dollars.

Reasons why a player should try an online casino

One plays from the comfort of their home

Online casino provides one with a 24/7 entertainment available from the comfort of their homes. Individuals used to playing live casinos benefit greatly from this. New players get to learn games at their pace and acquire resources from the internet for guidance. Learning a new betting strategy in a land-based casino can be a very daunting task accompanied by a lot of pressure. Individuals who go on a road trips will also be able to access the online casino through their mobile devices.

Players stand a chance of winning big with the progressive Jackpots

Many people have earned big money from the Progressive Jackpot slots. The jackpot accumulates over time enabling one to earn a lot of money on one single bet on the virtual slot machine.

Online casinos have amazing last-gen video slots

New video slots featuring impressive graphics are available on online casinos. Popular latest online slots are being offered in many online casinos.

Bonuses and other promotions

New players are assured of getting fantastic welcome bonuses upon signing up. Other sites will award players great perks just to keep them. Free online spins are also available for individuals who love playing online slots.

Players are allowed to try everything for free

Every game that is offered for money has an option on trying it without placing real money. It is a great way of learning how to play new casino games such as Roulette before putting real money. The player also gets to see how fun the Roulette game can be before they pay.


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