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Law of Attraction in Casino Gambling

Law of attraction

The Law of Attraction has become a mainstream believe for many people since the release of popular self-help book “The Secret” in 2006. Ever since then, many people have benefited through using this believe system in their daily life. According to the law of attraction, whatever that you think about and focus on will eventually be drawn into your life. It may seem easy to practice the law of attraction, but it really take a lot of determination and perseverance to make it work.

Many casino players has been asking us whether they can apply law of attraction into creating more money in gambling. Will it even work? The answer is Absolutely! The result will eventually come to you as long as the casino player is vibrating in the right place mentally while doing it.

Personally I have been enjoying gambling as an entertainment for about 20 years. At the same time, I have also been practicing the law of attraction for about the same amount of time. Through constant practicing law of attraction at my gambling game, I have increased the amount of my winnings and jackpots as well.

The game that we will be discussing here will be Video Poker games in the casinos. It is my personal favorite game of choice and I am sure you will find the following tips to be useful for your game too. Below are some of the most useful tips to get you into vibrational alignment with your casino winnings.

Do not gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose

This is one of the most important point to take note for all casino players. Besides that, it is also an important point in the standpoint for law of attraction. The truth is, if you are gambling with your rent or bill money, you will most probably feel scare to lose it. Playing with scare money will result in negative vibration right from the beginning. Therefore, it would be really difficult to draw more money to you. The best practice is to stay away from guilt money. By doing that, you will be in a better shape for positive vibration and attract more winnings into your game.

Visualize winning before each bet

I have a friend that has been winning slot game for as long as he has been playing the game. Whenever he win in the game, it is usually some pretty big amount. Among some of the biggest win would include $13,000 jackpot, $8,000 jackpots and frequent winning payout that can range from $1,000 to $4,000.

One of the most important thing that he taught me regarding his winnings is visualization. He would visualize himself winning jackpots and big payout in slot machine before he even set foot at the casino. This technique has help him reap big rewards from many of his slot game win. Regardless of the reasons for his win, visualization has proven to work over and over again. However, you should start visualizing before you even begin your trip. By doing so, you will be on great vibration before you even arrive at the casino.

Practice at home

The internet has brought many new possibilities to many people and this also include the casino players. Do take some time out to practice on your favorite casino games through the online casino. Besides, you must also practice on how winning feels. Do not pay any attention to losing hands and focus solely on how “easy” it is to win in slot game. Feel as if you are playing with real money. Feel the excitement of each round of play and your confident will eventually grow. By that time, getting one winning hand after another will be much easier as time pass. Practicing positive emotion is one of the most important point law of attraction that you should not miss out on.

Watch your words

Negative thoughts can have a real impact on your winnings. If the negative words are spoken out loud, the impact can be ten times more powerful. Some of these practices are something that you must totally avoid doing when you are placing your bet. The common negative talk that you will come across in the casino include:

How much are you down?

How much money do you have left?

Nobody seems to be hitting today (or the opposite).

Everybody seems to be hitting today except me.

I’m never lucky in this place.

Do keep in mind that the Universe will give you whatever you are thinking in your head. Whenever you align these negative thoughts and feelings with the universe, it will eventually bring you more losses than you can imagine.

Whenever you find yourself using the negative words as mentioned above, do try to replace your words with positive statement as below:

My winning machine is calling to me right now, I just have to listen.

My jackpot is waiting for me here somewhere and I am going to find it.

The right machine is going to jump right out at me.

I love coming here, I always have such a good time!

Truly Enjoy the Game While You Are Playing

Take your focus away from the credits that going in and out of the slot machine. Instead, you should focus solely on enjoying the game itself. One of the example is while I am playing the Video Poker. I have been playing the game for many years and not much thought is needed to focus on the cards at hand. I will eventually go into auto mode while playing the game. Therefore, I put my focus solely on the credits in the machine instead. When the amount goes down, my vibration goes with it as well.

After some time, I have learned to refocus on the game itself and slow down my auto response. I have also learn that enjoying the game and getting excited about the game will help me vibrate positively. The more I am vibrating positively, the more hands I am able to win. Do learn to slow down and focus on having fun and the money will follow.

Take a break from negative vibe

In some occasion, you will find that it is hard to shake off the losing attitude. If you found yourself stuck in those situation, it is time to have a little mental distraction. It would make no sense in continuing your game and throwing away good money after a bad game.

Negative vibes will attract more negative vibes and you will eventually lose all of your money. Do take a short walk away from the game and try to change your mood. Have some tea or snacks at the restaurant and try to take your mind off the game for a while.  These are some of the simple method where it can help you to regain your focus and lighten your mood. Your winnings is very dependable on your vibration. Take care of it and you will be ready to have another winning streak.


Feeling grateful while playing the game will help you to win more games in your casino gambling. Even with small win, you can be grateful by saying “Thank you Universe for the win.” As mentioned above, I will purposely get excited about the win while totally ignore the losses that I get. When you are grateful for the things around you, you will have positive vibration and that will lead to more winnings. You can be grateful for everything around you such as the air conditioning in the casino, the beautiful lighting, the free drinks, etc.


Using the law of attraction in gambling activities has led to many winnings for casino players that do practice it. It is time that you give it a try and watch the results that follows. The main reason for any casino players to visit the casino it to have fun. Do make it your priority and the Universe will comply with your request and make sure it is fun for you.

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