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SCR888 APK | Android Download and Install

scr888 apk


If you are having trouble downloading the SCR888 APK onto your Android phone, we have the perfect solution for you. In this post, we will be guiding you through the real process of downloading SCR888 APK onto your Android smartphone.

SCR888 has been the biggest name in the online casino industry in Malaysia. With a short debut in the online casino scene, they have managed to gather a huge number of users. Besides, within this short period of time, they have also given many big rewarding payouts to the players.

If you have not tried SCR88 online slot game, you will be missing out on some of the biggest winning payouts you will ever receive from the online casino. Winning the jackpot in SCR888 / 918Kiss is a common thing among the SCR888 players. Some of the most noticeable jackpots that you will come across in SCR888 include Major Jackpot, Minor Jackpot, Random Jackpot, etc.

With so much winning available in SCR888, casino players are having the greatest time of their life. In one of the betting session, we had made a small deposit of $100 into our SCR888 betting account. At the end of the session, we managed to win $3000 just by playing one slot game. The slot game that we tested out on that day was ‘Great Blue’. It was a truly amazing experience for us. The best part about this is that we actually put on the auto-spin function throughout our slot game betting.

SCR888 Installation

Back to the SCR888 APK installation, below are some of the screenshot which will come in handy for installing SCR888 APK. The APK file will only run on Android devices. As for other SCR888 users who are using the iOS device, we will have another post up shortly to guide you guys on the SCR888 iOS installation process.

Step by step SCR888 APK installation:


Step 1: Key in on your browser in your mobile device.

scr888 apk

Step 2: Select the Android Version.

scr888 apk

Step 3: A pop up screen will appear. Please select the “Install” button.

scr888 apk

Step 4: After the installation, please select the “Open” button.

scr888 apk

Step 5: Download is complete. You may login to SCR888 opening your SCR888 Free Account.

scr888 apk


If you would prefer to view the installation in video form, we have that sort out for you as well.


scr888 apk

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