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SCR888: 10 Hard Facts That You Should Know


SCR888 (918Kiss) has been the hottest topic in 2016, especially online casino industry in Malaysia. Everyone is talking about SCR888, be it casino agents or casino players. Online gambling has long been one of the most popular leisure activities in Malaysia. This is because gambling is generally prohibited under the country’s rules and regulations. Genting Highlands is the only licensed land-based casino operator in Malaysia. As such, many online casinos operate via illegal manner in the country. These online casinos have attracted many players come into play, especially Malays, which are in turn the largest ethnic group in Malaysia. In this post, we are gonna talk about some of the important facts about SCR888 (918Kiss).

No.1: SCR888 Has the Largest Market Share

Before the official launch of SCR888 (918Kiss), Playtech’s products used to be the market leader in Malaysia. You can see Playtech’s products almost everywhere. These products include 12Win, NewTown (NTC33), Rollex (Rollex11), LuckyPalace (LPE88), Crown (CRW128), and also LeoCity88. Things have changed pretty much. Today, SCR888 is considered the largest online casino game operator in Malaysia. It has earned huge search volume for its games over the internet.

No.2: Highest Winning Rate in Malaysia

I would say the ultimate purpose of every player to gamble online is to win big. This is an undeniable hard fact. Why would you play casino games while you never win from it? SCR888 (918Kiss) is so successful simply because it offers high winning rate to casino players. I have never seen another product that can offer winning payout as high as SCR888 (918Kiss).

No.3: You Wanna Cheat? Let’s Hack SCR888

Even if it is a non-gambling mobile game, most people would always try hard to find a way for cheating purpose. In the world of online gambling, this is not that easy to cheat. Most casino games are well-designed to prevent any security threats, therefore providing a highly secured betting environment. However, there are rumours saying that SCR888 is hack-able. We are not sure about how true it is. But we saw many people selling so-called the SCR888 hacking devices on internet. We believe these advertisements are there for some reasons. You can probably try it out and tell us how true it is.

No.4: The Best Free Casino Bonus Ever

Nearly all of the local online betting sites do offer different kind of free casino bonus campaign for SCR888 players. These campaigns varies greatly, from welcome bonuses to deposit bonuses as well as many others. Different bonus campaigns are designed to suit different online betting needs arising from players. These campaigns are actually of great use from the players’ perspectives. Why would I say so? It increases a player’s wagers, which in turns heighten the odds of winnings. You would stand higher chances to win if you manage to get such free casino bonuses.

No.5: Easy Download for Android/IOS

It’s all about mobile apps nowadays. SCR888 (918Kiss) recognises the high importance of this. Its slot games support for both Android and IOS smartphones. Android and IOS are two of the most used operating system for smartphones in Malaysia. Moreover, it’s very easy to download SCR888 games. You can also refer to this link if you wanna download for SCR888 games now.

No.6: The Most Played Slot Games in 2016

According to an unofficial market survey conducted by the Malaysia Online Casino Association, SCR888 is the most played slot game product in 2016. Given some of the hard facts in this post, it is not difficult to know why it is so popular. I bet you know how does the slot game payout actually works. Just in case you have no idea, a slot game will only increase its winning payout when the targeted betting turnover has been achieved. Thus, the higher the betting turnover, the easier for you to win from certain slot games. This is one of the reasons why SCR888 is able to maintain such a high winning payout all the time.

No.7: Great Variety of Mobile Online Slot Games

There not too many slot games in SCR888 (918Kiss), but all of them are in good shape as well as popularity. As a beginning, it offers many of the hottest mobile slot games in Malaysia, such as Highway Kings, Great Blue, Dolphin Reef, Monkey Thunderbolt, Wukong, and many more. In order to further increase the attractiveness of its slot game selection, it has also put up some new and creative slot game on a regular basis. All players are given great slot game selection that is highly entertaining.

No.8: Easy to Play and Bet

Unlike Playtech, SCR888’s game design is much simpler for a newbie to learn how to play. This is a very good starting point for players to pick up. This is also why its slot games spread rapidly amongst casino players in Malaysia. I would say the simple the better. A player does not need world-class design for slot games. Instead, they prefer to play a product that is simple and precise.

No.9: Strong International Footprint

It could be one of the first local slot game brands that is being promoted to other foreign countries. Today, SCR888 has exposure in some of the South East Asia countries, such like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore. It has been doing quite well in these foreign markets. It is quite hard to believe that a Malaysian slot game product can be so successful.

No.10: Play SCR888 Now to Win Big

What do you expect from the last hard fact about SCR888 (918Kiss)? I ain’t gonna say anything more. Just play SCR888 now to win big! Good luck to all of you 🙂


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