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Have You Tried Playing SCR888 Baccarat?

Play SCR888 Baccarat

Play SCR888 Baccarat at the best Malaysian online casino. Baccarat is very popular both at SCR888 / 918Kiss Online Casino and Genting Casinos. Click the link on SCR888 Baccarat and play for real money right from home. Baccarat is a fairly easy game to learn and may actually be easier to play at SCR888 Baccarat than at Genting Casinos.

Playing At SCR888 Baccarat

Playing at SCR888 Baccarat is no different than playing at a traditional casino other than the pace is faster and it is just you against the dealer. When playing real money SCR888 Baccarat, you can make 3 different bets. You either Bet on the Player, Bet on the Dealer or place a Tie Bet. Once the baccarat hand is complete the winning hand and bet is paid off. The Player bet is paid even money and the Dealer bet is paid even money less a 5% commission. This 5% commission is the house “edge” or house advantage in Baccarat. If the hand is a tie between the Player and Banker any tie bets placed are paid at 8-1 odds and the Player and Dealer bets are returned and the hand is a “push”.

Baccarat is a popular casino game because it is easy to play. The game is very easy to learn and the house advantage is low. The house has only a 2.5% advantage (one of the lowest for table games) being paid the 5% commission on winning dealer bets.

Use SCR888 Baccarat and get started playing online baccarat for real money. Once you sign up as a new player simply download the software and be playing in minutes. If you want to get started playing immediately you can use your computer and play directly from the website. With the advances made in both Internet speeds and graphics, the SCR888 Online Casino we recommend offer a great experience. Using the main website to play is just about as good as playing with the full download version.

SCR888 Baccarat Strategy

A great strategy when playing at SCR888 Baccarat or Genting Casino is to use a progressive betting strategy. A progressive betting strategy simply employs the raising of your bets as you go on a winning streak. In baccarat it is not uncommon for a player or banker winning streak to be 10 or more hands in a row. We have even seen the streak go into the teens with one side winning over 17 hands in a row. Imagine if you doubled your bet with each win or every other win? You would quickly be winning huge sums of money!

With winning streaks being so long, table maximums can certainly be important. If you want to play high limits because you just like the action or because you use a progressive betting strategy, we highly recommend reading this article Enourmous Wins by Beating the Dealers at Baccarat. In this article, we give out tips and strategies based on progressive betting systems and for players who have a higher bankroll. On a long winning streak you can win much more with our tips and strategies because you will not lose the bet as easily or at least not as quickly.

Use SCR888 Baccarat to play one of the most popular online casino games offered. Playing at SCR888 Online Casino can be a lot of fun and like we said it is easy to learn. Even if you have never played baccarat before, you can learn the rules and pick up the game within minutes. Good luck and may a long winning streak come your way!

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