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LPE88 Baccarat: The Only Tips That You Should Follow!

LPE88 Baccarat

LPE88 Baccarat

The user experience with LPE88 Baccarat is tailored to give players the best possible view of the action. A multi-camera format streams live HD-quality video to your devices, enabling a variety of different looks for the game as it progresses. With close-ups of the cards, cutaways and wide-angled shots, LPE88 Baccarat has gone the extra mile to simulate the true casino look and feel.

LPE88 Baccarat table action is handled by live professional dealers who specialize in interacting with LPE88 online players. The dealers will greet you when you take your seat and are available to answer your questions throughout the hand. Simply message them using the provided chat features and they’ll answer verbally using the built-in high-quality audio playback.

LPE88 Baccarat Winning Tips

Baccarat is a fun and exciting casino card game. At one time it was considered an elitist game for the rich and glamorous, but now, thanks largely to the growth of LPE88 Baccarat, it is a game that can be shared by everybody. So just relax and enjoy yourself as you play LPE88 Baccarat with these winning baccarat tips.

Follow The Shoe

To follow the shoe means to continue betting on the winning side until it loses. For example, if the banker wins, the player will continue betting on the banker until it loses. Once the banker bet loses, the player moves the bet to the player. The bet then stays with the player until the banker wins.

Play The Chop

Players who “Play The Chop” always bet against the previous result. The idea behind this strategy is that it is not uncommon for the opposite result to follow the preceding one.

Play The Trend

Players who follow this strategy will map out a plan for a certain number of bets to go to one side before changing their bet to the other. Playing the trend is by far the most complex strategy, and many players keep very detailed notes looking for trends in previous outcomes.

Betting On The Right Hand

You should know that betting in baccarat happens before any cards are dealt, meaning it is basically blind. This is one of the reasons why baccarat is traditionally associated with wealthy people. Although many sources will tell you to bet on the banker, more often it does depend on a number of factors. Statistically, the banker is more likely to win by a small margin. Because of this, a standard strategy is to just bet on the banker. With certain betting strategies, this can be less effective, but it’s generally considered a solid strategy. There are technically three options to bet on, the player, the banker, and a tie. Of the three, you should avoid betting on a tie simply because the odds are so incredibly low.


Because you bet blind there are relatively few baccarat-specific strategies. Aside from betting the banker, the other main one is that if you’re on a winning streak then don’t switch your bet. For example, say you bet the banker and win five times in a row. In that case, it makes sense to continue to bet on the banker. If you can keep track of the cards being played, then this can also help you guess what might come up more accurately, but this is very difficult, especially as games can use multiple decks.

Watch Your Money

This last strategy applies to all games, and it’s still just as important to remember here. Statistically, the best way to bet is called ‘proportional betting’, where you bet a proportion of your total amount, which can help limit losses and increase wins.

LPE88 Baccarat Winning Percentage

Although the strategies mentioned here will surely add a level of fun to your game, LPE88 Baccarat is still a game with a 50-50 chance of winning. Well, almost 50-50. In fact, the house edge is usually a minor percentage higher than the player’s, so placing all of your bets on the banker 100% of the time, increases your chances of winning over the long term.

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