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Good Online Casino vs Bad Online Casino | SCR888

online casino

How to be safe in Online Casino

The online casino such as SCR888 is the new trend for all casino gambling. With so many transactions taking place in the online casino, this industry has exploded to become a multi-billion marketplace whereby big amount of cash is changing hand on every second.

There are a good number of online casinos which they have strong branding and are able to secure all your payments. Some of these casinos would include SCR888 / 918KissBigchoysun, 7elevenbet, Maxbetmalaysia, etc. However, there are also lots of bad online casino where they are all out to scam your hard earn money.

In the process of recognizing the bad online casino, one should take note of some important feature that the online casino does provide. Before opening an account with the online casino, you must make sure that they are a system in place for you to easily withdraw and deposit your money in a safe manner. Apart from that, you should also make sure that they do provide fair play on their game.

When registering for your betting account, the legitimate online casino will ask you to provide your age /ID at some point during the sign-up process. You may fax or scan your details to their address. However, most of the online casino would also accept email, WhatsApp or wechat for registration. This process should be done during the sign up for account opening and not when you wish to withdraw your money for the first time.

Good online casino vs Bad online casino

In order to identify the good and bad online casino from the vast majority of online casinos in the market, you need to keep in mind some of the few elements which you can use for your checking.

Strong Branding and online presence

One of the most important factors in identifying a good online casino is the strong branding which they have worked hard to build. General, the online casino who rank top stop in Google search would be a well-established company whereby they have earned their reputation. Betting with a well-known brand such as SCR888 is much more trustworthy than an unknown brand.

Where the casino is licensed

Besides that, it is also important to know where the online casino is licensed. If you are unsure where they are licensed, you may take a look at the foot of the casino homepage. Some of the most well-known online casinos would have licensing jurisdiction such as Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Alderney, Kahnawake and the UK. Apart from that, there are also other jurisdictions such as the Antigua and Curacao. Generally, you would know that these casinos would be good with these assurances available.

Good software platform

All the leading online casinos will only provide the best gaming software for their casino players. If you are living in the USA, Realtime Gaming (RTG) software would be the most popular option. However, the RTG is not too strict with their licensing. Therefore, there may be some rogue casinos that are also able to offer RTG gaming.

On the other hand, the online casinos outside the US would be a little simpler with most of them using Net Entertainment or Microgaming as their platform. Online casinos using this software would be generally good and easy to play with. This software would give you some straightforward peace of mind while you are placing your bets.

Besides that, there are also Playtech. This is one of the biggest names in the online casino industry. There are a handful of online casinos that are using this their platform with great performance. However, the bad news is that there are also a handful of bad casinos using this platform on their online casino website.

Another software platform which is safe for betting would include Novomatic, WMS and also Aristocrat.

Who is behind the website

Some of the most important element when trying to differentiate the good online casinos from the bad one is to take a look at the names backing the casino. One of the most important criteria for a good casino should be having their own ‘About Us’ section.

In this section, you would find some of the most transparent information about the company which includes the name, address and also details of who is running the online casino. Phone numbers, address, and information along these lines are vital for choosing the best online casino. If they are left blank, you should probably just walk away.

Bad reviews

With so many people creating online content nowadays, you can no longer fully trust the online casino reviews.  This is because some company does employ a writer to write bad reviews for their competitors and good reviews for their own online casino website. Therefore, you should always look for the independent review website and use their reviews to judge whether the casino is offering a great quality of service or not.

Spam mail and SMS

There are many gimmicks whereby online casinos will use to draw your attention and attract you to their website. The methods that they would be using would include spam email, spam SMS, etc. It is always not safe to sign up for an online casino through spam email. You should always check out the website thoroughly first before taking any action to sign up for an account.

Online casino you can trust

Before taking action to sign up for a good online casino such as SCR888, you should always have your own checklist of the elements to look out for. Some of the most important elements for the checklist should include avoid spam mail sign up, good customer reviews, clear name and contact details on the About Us section, popular gaming software, well-known licensing jurisdiction, etc. By taking these precaution, you will get to avoid some bad eggs in the online casinos. After all, you are only in this to have an enjoyable time and safe gaming online gambling experience.


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