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Card counting that win millions of dollar

card counting

Card counting in the online casino is not all a smooth ride. In some occasions, things can get messy and drama could happen. Some of the casino players are confident that somehow they can beat the system without getting noticed. These players will even use their tricks such as card counting to take on the best online casinos. However, the casinos will eventually find out their tricks and subsequently banned these players for life.

Going back in time to some of the most popular land casinos, there are indeed some players who did in fact beat the casinos for a period of time. These players have left a place in casino history. The legendary case that we will be discussing today is the MIT card counting team. The card counting team has successfully won millions of dollar from Las Vegas casinos in many occasion until they got noticed.

This would be an amazing story for most people as it has proven that beating the odds casino game is doable. In order to beat the casinos, one has to learn particular skills, major training and have a lot of patience. Back to the MIT team, the group that beat the casinos are university students who were ambitious and incredibly intelligent. Due to their superiority IQ in math and science, this team of students develops an incredible skill for card counting.

The beginning of card counting

During the peak of 1980’s, many university students are playing poker and other casino games purely for fun. After some time playing these games, they finally decided to explore ways to outsmart the casino. This is where it begins whereby they attempt to beat the casino. Finally, a former MIT professor had decided to gather a group of students and put them to test. After some tests, the weaker students is weed out. Those students who pass the test have the inept ability to count cards. Soon afterward, the professor begins his training on these students. He taught them the discipline and how to utilize verbal and nonverbal cues to beat the casino.

High Roller betting

During the 1990’, the team was at its peak performance and they are placing bets as high as tens of thousands of dollar per hand. The casinos love these type of players as they categorize them as the “high roller”. At this point, the casinos are still clueless on what is really going on. Although nobody really knows the official count of their winnings, a rough estimation comes up to millions of dollar. The students eventually live a life where they card count on weekends and return to school on Monday. Just like any other regular students, they remain undetected for a long time.

Downfall of the legend

It is actually hard to believe that it was not the casino that caught up with the MIT team. They were unfortunate enough that they caught up with themselves. It was very much due to the enormous egos that lead to their downfall in the end. The team was too caught up with the money, free trips, and major VIP status. Their behavior is very common and it is understandable for a group of kids. Soon, the casino security starts to notice their mistakes. One of the most important point that they leaked out is the pattern of friends. Eventually, the casino takes notice of the team hanging around more often than they should have.

After getting caught, the team was banned from most of the casinos.

Hollywood movie “21”

The legendary story has caught the attention of Hollywood. You can even watch the fast paced action adventures in a blockbuster movie called “21”. The movie is starring Kevin Spacey as the professor and Kate Bosworth as one of the legendary MIT card counting members. As for the real card counting team, things didn’t really end there. They tried to change their identity and were soon back at the casino tables. However, the casino’s security has got way too smart for them to perform their tricks again. Some of the team members are rumored to have migrated to the online casino platform. They were last seen playing in the European online casino. Perhaps they have found another loophole and are raking in big bucks.

Card counting remain legal

Some of you might be wondering why none of these players ended up in jail. Well, believe it or not, what they are doing was actually not illegal. As you can see, card counting in your own head is almost impossible to prove. Unless the CIA decided to come out with a mind reading machine and sell it to casinos. Card counting will forever go completely un-notice for an eternity.

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