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918Kiss Login | All You Need To Know About 918Kiss Login

Logging in and out from account has already become one of the SOP for internet users. If you are going to watch Youtube videos and you wish it to remember your preferences, you will have to log in. If you want to use Facebook, you must login first. So do 918Kiss, you will have to log in too in order to play 918Kiss Slot. There are more than hundreds of online casino games are waiting for you after you have the login. Besides, the main reason you need 918Kiss Login is that your account is holding all your personal details and also your winning credit so far.


As stated beforehand, your account holds more than online casino games. Your personal information and bank account information is in it, too. There are some suggestions from the 918Kiss administrator upon your 918Kiss Login account. Since all of your hard-earned credits are inside your account and letting others to have it would be the last thing you want in the world. So, strictly follow these steps as per suggested by admin.

First of all, make sure you are in a safe environment where there is no Spybot around. For example, log in your 918Kiss at cybercafé might not be such a bright idea as the keyboard is possibly being bugged. Play it with your personal computer is much better than anything else. Besides, playing 918Kiss with your mobile phone could be pretty secure, too. Nevertheless, playing 918Kiss during driving or the time you need to double tasking is not encouraged.

Second, you should not create the password which resembles your identity card number, you or your spouse birthday, telephone number etc. These are some examples of information which can be obtained easily by some anonymous person. In case you do not wish somebody to hijack your account, it is a must to increase your password difficulty. If possible, make your password alphanumeric, mixing up with a capitalized letter is even better.

Third, only log in your 918Kiss at 918Kiss official website. Some website might be phishing web which looks identical to 918Kiss official website. Their aim is very simple – to get your credit. So, always log in from the official website is the wise thing to do.


918Kiss always welcome the new player to join the game. Without support from you, everything in 918Kiss is worthless since there is no one there to enjoy. Some of you might wonder whether it is difficult to apply or login 918Kiss. Well, no worry at all for first time login. 918Kiss is the most user-friendly online casino platform and all of the interfaces are carefully designed. From account application to logout from your account, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes, unless you already start playing the game.

All in all, the only thing you will have to do to login 918Kiss, is always remember your username and password. The new user tends to forget their password or username, which causes unnecessary loss. Then again, presuming that you really can’t remember anything for good, it is recommended for you to write it at somewhere. To be precise, it must be somewhere safe and can’t be found by others. Most importantly, you must be able to find it. Indeed, it is impossible to be champion and earn big for the one who can’t memorize his own account username and password, right?

Apart from that, if you really unable to login your account with all your username and password filled in correctly, do not hesitate to get help from our customer service representative. They will use the master control to oversee your problem and solve it for you. Our customer service representative is very easy to find, just click the “chat” button at the lower right corner or you may even WhatsApp or Wechat us.


Hey, don’t be shy. Everyone surely has the experience of starting fresh. Being a newbie has nothing to be ashamed of, the only thing you will have to make sure if you have a good start by choosing the correct game to play.

In this case, you will have to make sure the type of game you like to play first. There are more than 100 online casino games provided in 918Kiss. Don’t get shocked by the numbers because 918Kiss can provide you all the game you need. Back to the topic, if you are keen on playing jackpot, Boy King’s Treasure might be a good kick start, as well as a good guru for you.

Boy King’s Treasure is a very simple jackpot, easy to understand and easy to win.  Boy King’s Treasure is basically based on the Ancient Egypt theme, come with 5 slots and 20 lines. You will have to choose the number of lines to bet on, and the amount of bet per line. Please take note that these two factors are multiplying each other to determine your total amount of bet. A higher value will result in a higher bet, so do the winning amount. Oppositely, it will cause you to lose a higher amount of credit if you can’t hit the jackpot.

After you have decided the amount, just click the button “Spin” to begin your play. Once you hit the jackpot the word “big win” will be flashed on the screen.

Very easy isn’t it, why not you try Boy King’s Treasure?

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