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918Kiss Live | Find Out The Similarities And Differences


918Kiss Live has just released a month ago in 2018 and it looks like it is here to capture your interest and hearts. 918Kiss Live is replacing the well renowned SCR888 Casino and has instantly climbed to the top position of all the Online Casino games. In fact, many people are playing 918Kiss Live on their mobile devices happily on a daily basis. 918Kiss is the most liked and played online casino game at the present moment as it is available at their fingertips at any day or time.

Similarity and Differences Between 918Kiss Live & SCR888

918Kiss Live provides the similar playing feel as SCR888 but it seems to be attracting many people worldwide because of its much better winning payouts, feature graphics enhancements in the games and mostly the mobility feature to bring it anywhere they go.

Online Casino Games Packaged Under 918Kiss Live

In 918Kiss Live you will be able to find over a hundred of the popular online casino games all bundled together in an application. To name some are the:

  1. Slot games
  2. Table Games
  3. Video Arcade games.

I am sure all these games would ring a bell in your mind as you might have played it sometime or rather in your period of life.

Slot Games That Are Online

918Kiss Live has bundled a lot of the original Slot games in their application for the players to enjoy the most. The reason behind this is that the Slot games are the only games that reward the highest winning payouts and will definitely help you to gain a sure win.

The most famous Slot games included are:

  1. Great Blue
  2. Dolphin Reef
  3. Highway King
  4. Bonus Bear
  5. Three Kingdoms

Casino Table Games

Have you played BlackJack, Baccarat or Roulette before?

All these are games that are played on a desk or table in a seated place or location. These games are now available in 918Kiss Live Table games for your playing pleasure. The reason why players love to play these Table games is that they don’t rely on solely luck to win in these games. The players can use their minds and tactics to strategize in order to make big money and gain sure wins.  The ultimate reason for why this is possible is because we can visually see and sensor touch the games and it creates more interest in our mind. By this appealing feeling of sensor touching the games, we are able to gauge the probability of winning the game and making big bucks.

Video Arcade Games

We all love to go to the Video Arcade and try all the games there. 915Kiss Live has brought these wonderful Video Arcade games in their package to give you the same thrill and pleasure. The Arcade Video games rely on luck to win your money just like the Slot games.

The game is played by you choosing the desired symbol from a list of symbols available and using that symbol to make big wins. Once the symbol is chosen and when it appears in the settings, you win. It is really that simple and just let your luck guide you.  Just to name a few Video Arcade games are:

  1. WuKong
  2. Money Thunderbolts

Ocean King

The most sought-after Arcade Video game is the Ocean King. The game requires you to aim and shoot fishes on the screen. The larger the fish, the higher the chances for your winning. It is an addictive game and it is a game that can be played by many. This means that you will be playing with other 918Kiss Live players. It will be very interactive and there is no place for boredom.


One Account, Hundreds Of Games

918Kiss Live has laid down three (Slot, Table, and Video Arcade games) of the most sought-after casino games. This is enough to satisfy your hunger pangs and cravings for gaming.  The best thing ever is that with a single login account, you have hundreds of casino games at your fingertips.

Play Modes Available In 918Kiss Live

918Kiss Live is providing all players with two alternative modes of playing the games. Mode 1 is Online and Mode 2 is Offline.  The number of casino games given for both these modes is the same and thus you do not lose out.

Mode 1: Online

Online mode is designed for multiple players. You will be playing with other 918Kiss Live players. The Table games and Video Arcade games are included and it is going to let you play and battle with other 918Kiss members.

Due to it being multiple players, there will be many players betting at the same time. To make the game fair and square to all, 918Kiss Live has inserted the time feature to enable the players to start the game on time. You do not have to worry or waste your time waiting for other players.

Mode 2: Offline

Offline mode is designed for single players. This means that you are able to play and enjoy all the games by yourself at your own pace and time. All the Casino games are included for your gaming pleasure.


The Best  918Kiss Live Online Games ever to be played.

You will never be bored playing all the 918Kiss Live games as over hundred games are provided for your gaming pleasure.  Download the 918Kiss Live on your mobile devices NOW for an exciting time.  Enjoy high winning streaks and payouts without fail. Say goodbye to boredom.

Don’t wait anymore. Go ahead and download the 918Kiss Live and have a ball of a time playing all the games. In fact, the pleasure of making money will attract you to play more. Go on and make BIG MONEY. Invite Lady luck on your side.

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