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918Kiss iOS | 918Kiss Free Credit & Welcome Bonus In iPhone

918Kiss iOS Introduction

Apple iPhone is typically identified as a much-preferred smartphone nowadays. That is to say, people simply adore Apple iPhone due to its elegant design, user-friendly mobile features, robustness and its exclusive in-house mobile apps. Due to the high number of iPhone users worldwide, 918Kiss launched its 918KIss iOS version not too long ago.

Currently, 918kiss download is available for Apple iPhone models available in the market are 5, 5+, 6, 6+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+ and iPhone X. Thus 918kiss IOS has catered the installation for all these models. You will be given a choice to select your iPhone model during the download of the 918Kiss IOS. Glad to see that, the developer has catered for every Apple device user.


Why download 918kiss iOS?

People who play Slot games have a strong affinity for it. Always, they would rush to try their hand at the games upon seeing a slot machine anywhere. Basically, players know that for the small amount invested, their returns would be enormous.

Everyone from young to old is playing 918Kiss App, since its entry into the gaming market. That means, the benefits must have captivated their hearts. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. No registration fees to sign up.
  2. Free Test Play to learn the winning strategies.
  3. Free welcome credits to entice new members.
  4. Various New Member bonuses are given periodically.
  5. Immediate payouts upon winning.

Can you tell me where I can get the 918Kiss IOS?

The best way for you to download the 918Kiss IOS is from a safe and secure website. This website can be just googled as “Safe and Secure site for 918Kiss App”. Upon, entering the site, you would be given options to download the 918Kiss APK or the 918Kiss IOS.  In fact, during installation choices are for the different versions of iPhones and Ipads.

Google Play store and Apple AppStore are Apps on smartphones, that allow downloading of games. So, is the 918Kiss App also found there now? Yes, but the difference is that downloading from Google Play store and Apple AppStore, installs the game individually. That means you are downloading only one (1) slot game or table game at a time. 918Kiss App offers all of the slot, table and video arcade games for installation during download. So, the better choice is to get the 918Kiss App.

What is 918Kiss APK? Is there any difference between 918Kiss APK and  918Kiss IOS?

For players, 918Kiss APK and 918Kiss iOS are the two mobile versions currently available in the gaming market. APK stands for Android Package and IOS stands for Internet Operating System. This is to say, 918Kiss APK is for Android devices and the 918Kiss IOS for Apple devices.

Both mobile versions share the same number of games, layout design, ease of usage and the winning payout ratio. Confidently, we can say that the most desired of them all, is the great winning payout. Upon winning, you can withdraw the cash to your local bank account immediately. Woohooo!!

So, the simple answer is that there is NO difference between the two (2) versions.

Heard players complain that upon installing 918Kiss IOS on their mobile device, it was not working. Need to do anything?

There is something that you need to do once full installation of the 918Kiss IOS has been done on your Apple mobile device.  Definitely, to allow the App to be trusted and run on your  Apple mobile device, you would need to adjust the setting. This protects your Apple mobile devices from being attacked by virus and malicious malware. Surely, this is one of Apple’s most desired and sought after security feature. Phew!! What a relieve. Sad to say, that Android mobile devices do not have this feature in them. Really, don’t know,  for the Android mobile device user, is this a boon or a curse?.


Who prefers to use 918Kiss iOS version?

The two (2) broad categories of people are :

Firstly, the people who prefer high-quality games, with high definition graphic design, good clarity, and visibility.  Without fail, one factor most users regardless of age go for is good clarity and visibility. With this in mind, Apple devices offer a high definition screen resolution which is a delight to your eyes. This is to say, any iOS slot game application would look picture perfect on Apple devices.

Secondly, those who prefer to play slot games with high speed without any disruption. The fact is clear that iOS mobile operating system tends to perform much better than Android mobile operating system. With no doubt, Apple devices have much greater core processors than Android devices. This speed difference makes playing the most intense casino games, a sheer pleasure, and a smoother experience. This is why people love to download and play the 918Kiss iOS version.

Wet your hands on the 918Kiss IOS!

Do your research and homework, before taking a deep plunge into the wonderful and exciting world of 918Kiss IOS. After burning a lot of brain cells on several free test plays, build your winning strategies and play the  918Kiss Casino games. Don’t take other peoples word about 918Kiss games. Just wet your hands on the 918Kiss Casino games. There might be a Leprechaun waiting with a pot of gold for you at the end of the rainbow. That is to say, luck is waiting to surprise you at the corner of the road. Don’t you want it??

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