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918Kiss Free Play | Join 918Kiss Free Play Now !

918Kiss Online Casino is rebranded from SCR888 by the company on 5th January 2018. Despite the changes in its logo and theme, the games provided by 918Kiss Online Casino are the same as SCR888. 918Kiss is the latest and most popular online casino game in Malaysia. It provides the players with more than 100 types of different games including slot games, casino table games, and video arcade games.  Due to the wide variety of games provided, high pay-out chance and its convenience, 918Kiss Free Play is getting higher popularity nowadays. However, there are many people who are just starting their first time gambling on online casino.

The new potential players might be doubt about the operation and gaming experience of it. Therefore, many of them are looking for the free play feature in order to explore more regard the online casino games. 918Kiss Free Play which provides the free play feature is then becoming more welcomed by the crowd. This is because it allows the players to enjoy the games for free.


Attractive points of 918Kiss Free Play

There are three main benefits of enjoying the 918Kiss Free Play. Firstly, it allows the players to enjoy all the games without spending a single penny. The players can just play for fun and get to test all of the interested casino games provided by 918Kiss. In addition, 918Kiss Free Play allows the users to spend their leisure time more money wisely. This is because no charge is claimed upon the games being played.

The most attractive point of 918Kiss Free Play is its learning and practicing opportunities. Since the free play feature is based on temporary credit instead of real money, it is very suitable for new players. The players are able to test all casino games provided by 918Kiss, which allows them to come out with betting strategies on the respective games.

Besides, with the free play service, the players can target the game which they are more interested. Moreover, the players can save up their time and money in searching for the games which suit them better. Although there is no money awarded to the winners in the 918Kiss Free Play; however, it still benefits the potential players. This is because they can spend their time on the free play feature, analyze and come out with the winning strategies. The analyzed strategies can eventually increase their chances of winning in the real-money games. Therefore, the interested players are encouraged to have a try on the 918Kiss Free Play before the real-money casino games.


The First way to enjoy 918Kiss Free Play

There are two ways to find for the 918Kiss Free Play. One of the ways is by using the test ID. The 918Kiss is now providing free play feature for the users. It allows them to test and enjoy the games provided in the Online Casino App. 918Kiss Free Play is exactly the same as the real-money version. All the games found on the real-money version are exactly the same as those provided in free play feature.  Therefore, the users can get a great experience through this free play feature. The interested players can try out with 918Kiss test ID to enjoy the free play feature. 918Kiss has provided up to 10000 test ID, which ranged from 1001 to 9999. The interested player can enjoy the free play feature via trials and errors method. The steps are stated as below:

  1. Log in to the official website to download the free app.
  2. Try to enter the username start from “TEST1001” with the password of 1234.
  3. If not success, try to repeat step 2 by changing the username (e.g. “TEST1648”) with the same password (1234) until successful login.
  4. In general, the amount of credit allowed in the test ID account is 1000 credit.
  5. The players can now try any of the games available with a betting credit of 1 credit.
  6. During the free play, the players can start to target the games which they are more interested. Besides, they can always outline the strategies by repeating the trials of the games.
  7. After the players have targeted the games which they are interested, they can now start to enjoy real-money gambling.


The Second way to enjoy 918Kiss Free Play

The second method to enjoy free play feature is by playing the same slot games on other online casino platforms. Most of the 918Kiss slot games are taking from other casino games developers such as Playtech Casino. For your information, Playtech Casino is the largest online gaming supplier in the world. Many slot games provided by 918Kiss such as the Great Blue is actually powered by Playtech. Therefore, the players can search for the demo slot games on the Internet and play for free.


Start the online 918Kiss Free Play now

The free play feature has provided many advantages to the new players as well as the current players. For the new players, 918Kiss free Play is providing them with valuable experience to explore the online casino games. Furthermore, the 918Kiss Free Play also benefits the current players. This is because 918Kiss Free Play helps them to target the games with higher winning probabilities. Besides, the free play service also allows them to practice the strategies in order to win the games. In short, the players are encouraged to have a try on the free play feature prior to the real-money gambling.

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