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918Kiss Download iOS | 918Kiss Download iOS For Your iPhone Is Available Now

Still playing 918Kiss on your computer or laptop? Wishing to play 918Kiss anytime, anywhere as you desired? In fact, all of these are possible by having the technology, whereby 918Kiss developer team has already created and designed 918Kiss for your smartphone and iPhone. Please do take note that there are two types of the app available for phone, which is 918Kiss download android and 918Kiss download IOS. The differences are because iPhone is using the different operating system as compared to another smartphone. To differentiate between the operating system is very easy; just remember that all of the iPhone is using IOS while others are using Android. Hence, there is no more confusion.



It is very easy and user-friendly for 918Kiss download IOS, as well as Android. If you have followed these steps, nothing can go wrong and you are able to enjoy 918Kiss on your iPhone for sure. So, let’s see the steps then.

Firstly, you must sign up yourself with 918Kiss official administration, particularly from the 918Kiss website. Just fill in some basic information about you, your bank account details and so on. Please make sure the bank account details are all correct so that your credit can be transferred to your account smoothly. In fact, this is the most crucial thing, isn’t it? Betting without winning and winning without the ability to receive the money make the game meaningless. So, please do make sure your bank account information is correct.

After you have signed up you shall receive free credit as a token of appreciation from the 918Kiss admin. To claim the free credit, please contact the 918Kiss online customer service representative by clicking the button you can find at the lower right corner. Provide your username to the customer service representative and they will run the rest of the procedure for you.

Secondly, you might find that the free credit is not enough for you to play the game. So please deposit more credit to your account by using the online transfer. Always remember to activate your account and after the activation, you are ready for the game.

Thirdly, after your account activation, you must download the app from your web service provider, such as safari or google chrome on your mobile phone. For iPhone, always choose IOS download.


Many of you might wonder that whether 918Kiss can be hacked or not, or somebody is claiming that the hack is available on the internet. Some even upload the step-by-step tutorial on Youtube.

So, it is up to you whether to believe about the claims or not. But there is one thing that you should always remember about 918Kiss: 918Kiss is the most developed online casino in Malaysia in such a way that they are having the highest level of security and regulation. In another word, all of the information of players is safe with 918Kiss and all transaction (credit deposit and withdrawal) are completely secure.



Other than user information, the flow of the game is impossible to be hacked, too. Just understand these circumstances by common sense: if the game can be hacked, 918Kiss won’t be lasted for years and become the best online casino in Malaysia. Besides, why should some strangers provide you the hack for free? Since they can earn easy money by using the hack, why should they make it public and share with you? If I am the one who develops the hack, I will use it for myself so that no one knows about my secret of winning. Please do remember that things don’t come free. Those “hacks” online might be fake, some might even contain virus or worms to steal your personal information, including your bank account information.

In short, never believe anyone with the claim that 918Kiss can be hacked. Gambling can be mastered by only practice, like really hard. There is no easy way for it. If you want to get rich, rather than using a trick, why not you practice hard for it? There are free plays available in 918Kiss, whereby you can play the game and learn about it for free, without losing money. These free plays are assembling the real game (those that require you to pay). Take your time, play it and study the game. This is the one and only way you can win the game.


First, you must make sure about your budget to play the game. Never play a game exceeding your capability to pay for it. Of course, borrow a loan would not be wise and always will cause you to bear bigger debt. Hence, always check your bank balance before you top up your account.

Second, always bear in your mind about these two things:  the value of the coins and also your amount of coins during each game. As everybody knows, RM2 has the higher value than RM1 and 5 is always the bigger number than 1. So, it will create huge differences during you place a bet in the online slot game. If you place an RM2 coin, you will get a multiplier of 2 and if you put 2 coins, that will be another multiplier of 2 and total will be multiplier 4. For example, you hit the jackpot with the prize of RM 100,000, a multiplier of 4 will make your win RM 400,000 whereas if your multiplier is only 1, RM100,000 is all you can get.

So, what are you waiting for? Download your 918Kiss and start winning now!

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