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918Kiss | The Evolution of 918Kiss Online Casino In Malaysia

This act of gambling is placing something valuable; money, property or even our lives, at stake in hope to get other gamblers’ object when the result of an event is in your favor. As the time pass by and everything around keeps on revolving, the nowadays technology allows people to gamble without the need to go to betting houses, they only need to swipe their fingers on the new ‘slot machine’ that we call it as the computer and smartphone. Online gambling has been around for a couple of decades, thus the number of sites that gives the pleasure to gamblers is as much as the number of sugar in a 1kg packaging. In spite of that, 918Kiss is one of the most famous sites in Malaysia that give numerous variation of game experience for their clients. Genuine

Veterans may know 918Kiss as SCR888 when it changed the name in January 2018. To completely erase the legendary SCR888 name out of everyone’s mind is impossible. People will still label that site as ‘918Kiss/SCR888’ but you need not be confused. It is the same thing.  Based on some players’ opinion, 918Kiss is giving a higher winning pay-out compared to the old version. It is one of the strategies to make players remember their new name. Another improvement to the game is that 918Kiss has a better graphics comparing to the old SCR88. It has upgraded from 900×450 to 1800×900 which allows the player to play with a higher visual experience.

Got interested in 918Kiss as this article continues but does not know how to start playing? Do not worry as the step is as easy as breathing. 918Kiss has been divided into two types which is 918Kiss APK for all Android smartphone whilst for iPhone it is the 918Kis iOS. So are you an Android user or an iPhone user? People who want to feast their eyes with the high-quality graphic will certainly choose to play the iOS version. The phone itself gives a high definition resolution starting from the iPhone 4 generation until the current popular iPhone X that has 2436-by-1125 pixel.


918Kiss In Mobile Device

Nevertheless, most of the population in Malaysia use Android smartphones as the pricing of it is more affordable and reasonable. You can download this app from the Play Store and App Store respectively for each phone. Even though it is true that 918Kiss is an online game. It does not have a version for PC users but this can be easily solved by installing an Android emulator on your PC such as the Nox player. Then download the 918Kiss app on the Android emulator.

To register this app that is quick on deposit and instant withdrawal is by going to its’ official website to fill up a few details, you will get free credit while registering which means that would be able to play the games with cost nothing to you. When you have obtained your user ID and password. Jot it down or select the ‘Remember Me’ button if you are going to play it daily. Another way to register is by connecting with the customer support through WhatsApp or through the Wechat group. The most important thing to have for the players to enjoy playing this game is to have an excellent connection with the internet.


918Kiss Game

918Kiss offered a very wide choice of games and the most popular games are Highway Kings, Great Blue, King Derby and also Monkey

Thunderbolt as these choices has a higher rate of winning. Highway Kings emphasize literally on its’ name as the title falls to the all mighty Red Truck. This means that the more you get the Highway King in your slot, your wins also increase. The biggest mammal in the world, the great blue whale. It is the icon for the game of Great Blue. This game differs from the Highway King is by the number of pay lines which is 25 compared to 9 in the Highway King.

‘Mesin Kuda’ is the predecessor for the King Derby game. This game wants you to bet on which horse reach the finish line first and this game is popular for its’ high pay. Monkey Thunderbolt is a betting on animals. You will be betting on which monkey that you think to have the ability to be the fastest climber to the top of the world in one minute. This shows that online gambling does not limit your preference in betting to only slot games.



The rise of the technology age brought a concomitant development of online gambling site. Thus also risen the popularity of 918Kiss. They provide fans of gamble a safe and comfy place that is none other than their own home or even as they are having their break at work. They also provide you with a higher rate of winning and also a chance to play with zero cost to boot. 918Kiss has a high potential of being the most popular gambling site in Malaysia as their users are increasing steadily.

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