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Nowadays, online casino is becoming a trend. There is no need for us to visit the casino to win money. The only thing we need to do is sit back, relax, play and win. Things are even better when a mobile casino is being introduced couple years ago. We are able to play casino games anytime, anywhere. In other words, we can make full use of our free time to earn extra money. In fact, it is possible for us to win thousands of bucks within 5 minutes. You can’t really get this amount of money anywhere else, except 918Kiss. As for 918Kiss casino mobile version, 918Kiss APK is its setup package.  You may find this mobile phone at 918Kiss official website. You still can down it from some other website, but you are at the risk of malware infection.


918Kiss App is the top Malaysia online casino gaming site. You may play slot games, blackjack, roulette and many other many more! What you have to do is to download 918Kiss APK from the official website, install and start to play. Kindly remember that 918Kiss never charge you a cent during download. If you have found any website that charges you upon download, please inform us right away. After installation and registration, you are now accessible to more than 150 games!  If you are the first time in 918Kiss, always remember to claim your free credit by contacting the 918Kiss administrator. Our administrator is available 24 hours in 7 days. Just private message them your username and notify them your purpose. Then, you are going to get your free credit within 5 minutes.

After you have got your free credit, you are now ready to play the games. There are more than 150 online casino games available in this platform. Please do not start to use your credit to play the games right away. You might notice some of the games have the button “free play”. For your information, there is about 80 percent of the games here are having the option “free play”. Free play is a mode which allows you to try out the game without losing money. Of course, since it is a free play, there is no money winning as well. Try out the game in free play mode and learn the game as much as possible. Start to bet in money only when you think you are ready for it.


Roulette is originated from Russia and it might be the most popular gamble games of all time. Though it is popular,  very few of us can own it for real. It is because there is a limited strategy for us to win it and many of the strategies are not effective. In fact, things are the same for online roulette. Many of us just bet the money, pray hard and hope that we will strike on blind luck. Well, please bear with us and we will tell you how to own an online roulette.

First, you must understand the systems before you bet. You must know that your chance is low for betting on numbers (yet the payout is large). You may try splitting your bet on several numbers on the board, perhaps a row or a column. Many of the new players are making mistakes by betting on one number.

Second, you must know that there are no bias wheels online. Being so different with physical roulette, online roulette is generating numbers by using random number generator. Hence, there is no bias at all as the numbers are appearing at random. If you are trying to track the pattern in online roulette, you are wasting your time. Since there is no bias at all, there should be no particular pattern.

Third, never bet more than you can pay. Well, this trick works on every gambling game. Let me show you an example so you can know it better. You are having RM 1000 budget for a vacation and you are spending RM 1000 for your lodging at a hotel. You leave yourself no money for another spending during your vacation. So if you have spent all of your money in online roulette, you leave nothing for yourself in daily life.


Many of you might be wondering about the trustworthy of 918Kiss APK, as it seems pretty new. For your information, 918Kiss is one of the best and oldest online casinos in Malaysia. The payout can be done easily by just contacting the customer representative – state your username and provide bank account details. The fastest transaction in our record is within 30 seconds after confirming the user bank details. Up to now, there is no complain at all about 918Kiss APK payout efficiency. Oppositely, many of the clients prefer 918Kiss as we are really steady in payout.

Besides, 918Kiss is having the highest security level in Malaysia online casino. We have spent a large sum of money in our firewall with one purpose – no one can breach it. Our clients are everything to us, so do the clients’ details. By having the firewall of highest security level, we can lower the hacker case to the lowest. So, please trust us and leave your details with us.

Well, if this article still can’t persuade you to trust 918Kiss, why not you download it and try it for real. You may try to bet as low as RM2 for every bet until you win. Try to withdraw the money every time after you won the game. If the transactions are all clean and clear, perhaps you should trust us by now.

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