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3Win8 vs SCR888 Casino: Best Online Casino Malaysia


3Win8 is the newest online game in 2016 that offers slot game machines for the players. It has the latest online casino games. These games include; banker player, dragon tiger, casino hold’em, black jack, baccarat and roulette. It was produced by the same manufacturer of SKY3888 and SCR888 in Malaysia in order to meet the ever increasing demand for the mobile slot games recently. The following are some of its benefits for signing up for the 3Win8 Casino.

It has a comparative advantage.

It has some competitive advantages compared with other online and slots games in the current market. First of all, 3win8 online casino merges many popular slot games from variety of products into one play platform compared to SCR888 (918Kiss) which doesn’t. These merging products include, SCR888, Clubsuncity, SKY3888 as well as the Playtech. 3win8 online casino therefore offers variety of game options. Secondly, 3win8 online casino have advance technology in that it is highly diversify with many game features creating more excitement and fun for its players. Hence, the players are able to enjoy the most optimized online betting ever. More and more casino players have come to recognize the brand. 3Win8 is able to gather its own loyal customers despite a fierce competition from other slot game brands within the gambling industry in Malaysia.

It has a comfortable interface and gaming graphic designs.

Both 3win8 and SCR888 casinos have a strong developer team. However, 3win8 online casino game put more emphasized on the player’s experience, graphics designs as well as system sustainability. It’s developer has aims to deliver the revolutionary online gambling product for the benefits of the casino players all over the country.

It has a simple slot game layout structure.

3win8 Casino and SCR888 are less time consuming and the offer the most convenient way which allows its player to play multiple and trending slot games from different gaming brands. Having studied the current trends in Malaysian game industry, both 3win8 Casino and SCR888 have provided a perfect and most convenient way to play your favourite games from the player’s gadgets. With only a few minutes of download for 3Win8 online casino games, casino players are able to play all  their favorite casino games on their smartphones devices.

Although 3Win8 are relatively new to the local online gaming industry, the online casino has begun to gather interests from the local players. This comes from the success of its previous predecessor SKY3888 Malaysia which has raised the market confidence for 3win8 online casino.

Winning pay-out policy.

Casino players nowadays have less confidence towards live casino games. This is because live casinos can be easily manipulated to benefit the online casino. Generally, 3win8 and SCR888 online casino games  are designed under the basis of the international game slot pay-out policy. This policy is applicable under a series of mathematical formulas. Players can therefore win a certain level of the betting turn over.

Nonetheless, no one who is capable of gauging when the betting turnover will be hit apart from the game developers. Hence, without such a manipulation in order to win, its able to maintain a competitive advantage against any other online game in the country. Players will always be motivated to try their level best to be the luckiest player as compared to the live casinos where manipulation for the win is possible.

Rewards and the popularity.

Recently, the SCR888 game has been regarded as the most popular online casino among the Malaysian players’. This is because its winning is believable. Its rewards start from a few thousand ringgit of winning bonus to mega jackpot worth millions for the luckiest casino winner. Many players have made great fortune over the last few months. Given the attractive rewards offered by 3win8 Online Casino, many casino players are registering for their free account and placing their bets in this online casino. Many are aiming to be the next lucky winner in this online casino.

Such situation is possible for the fact that 3Win8 has been trying aggressively to grow the its market shares against other online betting platform. As for now, this strategy  is working well as it is shown through the growing volume of the 3Win8 betting turn over.

3Win8 Conclusion

In conclusion, there have been some changes in the country’s online casino industry. We can clearly see this through the way players place their bet online. The old ways have been dominating the entire casino industry for some decades. 3Win8 online casino is likely to outperform other online casino in the near future. New product tends to have high winning pay-out policy. The games will therefore grab the biggest market  share easily.


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