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3Win8 Better than SCR888?


Know More About 3Win8

3Win8 is the latest slot game product in Malaysia. You might not know much about this brand, but you better start doing it. Why say so? I deeply believe it’s gonna be the next huge trend in Malaysia. Just like 918Kiss and SCR888, 3Win8 primarily focuses on online slot games. It does not offer any live casino games. We actually foresee that slot games will probably outperform live casino games in the next future. This might happen. I would say 3Win8 came into play at a right timing. Usually, a new product will tend to adopt a higher winning payout policy. This is because they would like to grab the market share as fast as they can. By giving more free bonuses and cash jackpots/prizes, more players would get into play this slot game.

3Win8 incorporates most of the popular online slot games in Malaysia under one single platform. It has slot games from SKY3888 and SCR888, as well as those from the Playtech and Clubsuncity. Not only traditional slot games, 3Win8 also offers some of the famous multiplayer slot games such like Wukong and Ocean Kings. Highway Kings is undeniably the greatest slot game ever in Malaysia for quite a long time. It is developed by Playtech, and you can also find it in 3Win8. Besides, there is one virtual poker card game called Bola Tangkas, which is also highly prevailing in Indonesia and Malaysia. It is kinda hard to get bored with 3Win8, because it has too many slot games for choices. Each of these slot games is really of high quality and popularity.

Speaking of its device support, there are several game versions that the 3Win8’s team has developed for local casino players. It has a desktop version, which can only be used inside illegal gambling dens. That is because its desktop version is based on LAN network. Players can only play with the support of intranet. Hence, its desktop version does not support online gaming mode. Nonetheless, its mobile version is really of great use. There are Android version and IOS version to benefit all smartphone users in Malaysia who would like to play its games.

Why Play 3Win8?

Since we are so comfortable with playing SKY3888 and SCR888, then why should we play 3Win8? There are few perspectives that we should be looking at:

Slot Game Winning Payout

SCR888 has been well-known for its high winning payout policy. Many have won countless of cash jackpots from SCR888 (918kiss). This was because SCR888 would like to conquer market share as fast as possible, at the beginning. Today, we have witnessed the success of SCR888. It has already become the top online slot game product in Malaysia. We anticipate that it might decrease its winning payout threshold very soon. This is probably the second step: to increase profit margin. This is a very common business strategy. Business owner would cut cost to increase profit margin once he has built up a solid base. Therefore, SCR888’s winning payout might become lower and lower going forward.

On the other hand, 3Win8 is still considered a brand new product that needs to grow market share soonest possible. One of the most effective ways for them to achieve this is through the increment in winning payout. Although this has not been proven yet, we strongly believe it will definitely offer a handsome winning payout in order to attract new player. This could be the time when you make profit from its games. The earlier you play it, the higher would be your profit margin. Since it is offering same slot games as SCR888 and SKY3888 (or even more), why not you give it a try to test your luck?

Progressive Jackpots

Just like SCR888 and SKY3888, 3Win8 also offers incredible progressive jackpots to be the ultimate mega cash rewards to its players. Major jackpots and minor jackpots are also available. Here’s a quick tips for you to grab its progressive jackpots: bet as much as you can in 3Win8. It adopts the standard payout policy for progressive jackpots around the world: the more you bet, the higher are your chances to strike the jackpots. Hence, you would really need to think of a way to increase your wagers, so that you can bet more. One of the ways is to engage a quality online betting site that offers generous free casino bonus promotions. In some cases, you might possibly double up your wagers for betting purpose.

More Slot Games Selection

It combines not only similar slot games from SCR888 and SKY3888, but also other popular games from Clubsuncity and Playtech. 3Win8 is just like a bible for online slot games in Malaysia. You would never get bored with 3Win8. There is an advantage of playing multiple slot games at once. You would be given the flexibility to switch from one to another to test your luck. You might lose money in Highway Kings; by switching to another game like Great Blue, you might be able to strike the free bonus games and win big. More is always better than less. Amongst all other online slot game products in Malaysia, I would say 3Win8 is currently one of the best.

How to Play 3Win8 Mobile Slot Games?

First, you need to get a trusted casino agents for 3Win8 games. The question is, how to get a good one? You may ask around friends and family around you to see anyone is working as 3Win8 casino agent. This could be the fastest way. However, if you fail to get one, you may just search online for online betting sites that offer this game. Nevertheless, it is a bit difficult to evaluate the trustworthiness of such an online betting site since everything is anonymous. As such, you may need to refer to some of the Malaysian online casino review sites to find out more info. Remember, do not engage with the online betting sites without any review or rating, as you literally have no idea who they are. They might be just conman who is trying to cheat your money. Once you have found a reliable and credible online casino agent for 3Win8 slot games, then you may download its games and start playing to win big!


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